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School Board meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of every month at the Mt. Everett Regional School, 491 Berkshire School Road, Sheffield, MA.


  • Kyle Bartlett
  • James DiPisa

About the Egremont Village School

The South Egremont School is one of the last one-room schoolhouses in continuous operation in the United States. The school hosts a unique Kindergarten program and provides many intangibles unmatched elsewhere. The original 1880 single-story wood frame structure houses the school in the center of South Egremont village. When built, it was state-of-art with its large windows to maximize daylighting and southerly facing to capture solar warmth in the winter.

The School is an integral part of the Southern Berkshire Regional School District.

Mt. Everett Designated as an Early College

Southern Berkshire Regional School District (SBRSD) received designation as a wall-to-wall Early College District. All Mt. Everett high school students will take college courses before they graduate. 100% of students are pre-enrolled in the program. All early college classes, books, and transportation are free of charge to students and their families. This program is part of the Massachusetts initiative to remove barriers to higher education. SBRSD is one of the few state-wide wall-to-wall, fully immersive schools.

What is Early College
Early college blends elements of high school and college. Students take college coursework and earn college credits while simultaneously completing high school graduation requirements.

Early college at Mt. Everett helps give students more choices in deciding the look and feel of their education. As the program grows, students will be able to earn as many as 16 college credits in their junior and senior years. Faculty from Simon's Rock (an early college) and Mt. Everett faculty trained as "Early College Instructors" teach the college-credit courses.

Support for Mt. Everett's Early College program starts in middle school, with students introduced to the new framework, allowed to take sample classes, and visit college campuses on field trips.

Students who wish to develop skills to gain employment without pursuing a four-year college degree receive relevant courses and internships to help prepare them for success in any work environment and in specific trades requiring higher levels of technical training.

Simon's Rock & Mt. Everett
Bard College at Simon's Rock is Mt. Everett's Higher Education Partner. Among the first early college innovators. Simon's Rock provides Early College credits and college transcripts.

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