Cemetery Commission


Cemetery Locations

  • Hillside Cemetery, 177 Egremont Plain Road
  • Riverside Cemetery, 230 Egremont Plain Road
  • Town House Hill Cemetery, Town House Hill Road and Phillips Road

The Cemetery Commissioners are available to discuss any questions about funeral planning, cemetery plots, availability, and fees.

The following is an extract from the Bylaws made by the Commissioners:

  1. The sale of rights to interments shall be restricted to persons owning real estate in Egremont and/or in lieu thereof, persons whom have been residents of said town for five (5) or more consecutive years.
  2. All charges for interments or work on lots must be paid for before any additional expenses are incurred.
  3. Any stone less than three inches (3”) in thickness will be considered a monumental slab; between three inches (3”) and eight inches (8”) a headstone; and over eight inches (8”), a monument.
  4. No monumental slabs are allowed, except when placed in a horizontal position.
  5. Headstones over three feet (3’) in height are not allowed.
  6. All headstones and monuments shall have suitable foundations, to be built by employees of the Commissioners.
  7. No trees, shrubs, or other “in-ground” plantings, fences, hedges, or curbings shall be placed on any lot.