Agricultural Commission

silo and tops of red farm barns under a blue sky


  • Jennifer Brown
  • Elizabeth Keen, Chairman
  • Peter Maggio
  • Darrell Turner

Meetings are held as needed.


Agricultural Commission shall encourage the pursuit of agriculture as a business and community resource; promote the protection and preservation of farms and farmland; advance agricultural-based economic opportunities; articulate agricultural-based planning needs; advise other Town boards, commissions, and committees on actions taken relevant to agricultural lands; act as an educator and negotiator in agricultural matters before the Town, and foster the visibility and vitality of farming within the Town.

Major Farms in Egremont

  • Belair Farm
  • April Hill, Greenagers (nonprofit community support)
  • Indian Line Farm (CSA)
  • Turners Farm Dairy & Maple Syrup
  • The Llama Farm
  • Green River Arabians and Pintos
  • Mayflower Farm

Egremont is a Right-to-Farm Community

In 2006, Egremont voters adopted a "Right-to-Farm" general bylaw, the core of which states: "It is now determined that whatever impact may be caused to others through the normal practice of agriculture is more than offset by the benefits of farming to the neighborhood, community, and society in general."

Agricultural Preservation Efforts in Egremont

Of Egremont's 12,039 acres, 2,355, or nearly 20%, are presently used for agriculture. Of those agricultural acres, 266 are part of the Commonwealth's Agricultural Preservation Restriction program, which limits development and ensures the land's future use for farming purposes.

farm machinery idle in a field at sunset wtih fall tree in background