Agricultural Commission

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  • Jennifer Brown
  • Elizabeth Keen
  • Sara Love
  • Peter Maggio
  • Darrell Turner

Meetings are held as needed.


Agricultural Commission shall encourage the pursuit of agriculture as a business and community resource; promote the protection and preservation of farms and farmland; advance agricultural-based economic opportunities; articulate agricultural-based planning needs; advise other Town boards, commissions, and committees on actions taken relevant to agricultural lands; act as an educator and negotiator in agricultural matters before the Town, and foster the visibility and vitality of farming within the Town.

Major Farms in Egremont

  • April Hill, Greenagers (nonprofit community support)
  • Indian Line Farm (CSA)
  • Turners Farm Dairy & Maple Syrup
  • The Llama Farm
  • Green River Arabians and Pintos
  • Mayflower Farm