Planning Board


  • Matthew Bersani, Treasurer
  • Donna Bersch, Associate
  • Jared Kelly, Chairman
  • Stephen Lyle, Secretary
  • Mary McGurn, BRPC Alternate Delegate
  • Edward Regendahl, Vice Chairman, BRPC Delegate
Egremont vision 2035 visual

Egremont Vision 2035 Initiative

Egremont Vision 2035 Initiative is a collaborative planning process to produce a new Comprehensive Plan (aka Master Plan) and Open Space and Recreation Plan for the Town. The Comprehensive Plan, an undertaking of the Planning Board, will define the vision, goals, actions, and policies for the next ten to fifteen years. The last Master Plan was completed in 2003. 

The Open Space and Recreation Plan, an undertaking of the Conservation Commission, will focus on goals and steps to preserve and enhance Egremont’s natural resources and open spaces and meet the Town’s recreational needs for the next seven years. The last OSRP was completed in 2002. 

Throughout the process, which will end in the spring of 2023, there will be posted public workshops with the expectation that these and other possible events will be online and in-person. Related documents will also be available for review.

To help you keep up-to-date on the plans’ progress, participate in online questionnaires, view scheduled events and documents, and volunteer for a more active role in the process, go here: Egremont Vision 2035 Initiative Website

PB Functions Required by Statutes

  • To make careful studies,
  • To prepare plans for the resources, possibilities, and needs of the Town,
  • To act as Park Commissioner in the Town if so authorized,
  • To make a Master or Study Plan,
  • To have an official map prepared if authorized by Town Meeting,
  • To review and submit a report regarding the layout, alteration, relocation, or discontinuance of public ways,
  • To report annually to the Town Meeting regarding the condition of the Town

PB Functions Requiring a Public Hearing

  • To hear proposed zoning amendments in accord with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40A, Section 5,
  • To hear and decide applications for special permits as authorized by the Zoning Bylaw, in accord with Section 7,
  • To hear and review site plans as authorized by the Zoning Bylaw,
  • To hear and review subdivision plans as required in accord with Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 41, Sections 81Q and W,
  • To conduct any other hearing required by law.