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town hall may 2022 web version


  • George McGurn, Chairman
  • Lucinda Fenn-Vermeulen, Vice Chairwoman
  • Mary Brazie

FY 2022 Annual Report of Town Offices

The 2022 Annual Report of Town Offices is published and available to download (PDF) or pick up a printed copy at Town Hall. Learn about the past fiscal year's work of 22 elected and volunteer-staffed boards, committees, and commissions and the work of town employees from town departments. Also, get an update from the 14 Berkshire-based services that support Egremont residents. The preface offers facts about Egremont, a list of elected and appointed officials, and the General Bylaws.

Directives on Egremont Town Operations & COVID-19

To protect Town residents and employees during the coronavirus pandemic, the Egremont Select Board has declared a state of emergency and implemented the following:

  • Town Hall is now open to the public.
  • There are locked boxes outside both Town Hall doors to leave payments or paperwork, and you can communicate via phone at 413-528-0182 or email Town Hall.
  • Staff will continue to work regular hours and can assist you by phone, internet, or individually arranged appointment.
  • Town Hall offices can be reached at 413-528-0182. A message will prompt you to dial the appropriate extension. A free Wi-Fi hotspot is available in the Egremont Town Hall parking lot. Email addresses for Town Offices are in the Staff Directory. If an address is missing, email Town Hall and it will be forwarded to the appropriate person.
  • The Transfer Station is open; however, the attendant will not assist you with your trash. The Swap Shop is open. The Transfer Station is now accepting Construction and Demolition waste, T.V.s, electronics, and fluorescent light bulbs. We have returned to the original payment technique; you will pay the attendant at that time and receive a receipt. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation—access the Transfer Station & Recycling Center for more information.
  • Call 911 if you need emergency assistance from Egremont's Police or Fire Department.
  • Boards, commissions, and committees meet in person at Town Hall, virtually through 'Zoom, or both. The public attends via Zoom.

Your cooperation, understanding, and patience are deeply appreciated. The Select Board will keep you updated with any changes, additions, or suspensions of these directives as they continue to monitor federal, state, and county developments.

Be safe. Be well. And please support your neighbors.

- Egremont Select Board

Requests for Public Records

By Massachusetts 950 CMR 32, all requests for public records must be given to Juliette Haas, Public Records Access Officer, or Mary Brazie, Secondary Public Records Access Officer.

Responses will be coordinated through the Public Records Access Officer. Requests for public records may be made orally, including telephone requests, or in writing to the Public Records Access Officer. Written requests may be delivered by hand, mail, email, or fax.

The Town of Egremont's Records Access Officers (RAO) are:

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 368
South Egremont, MA 01258

If you need access to any of the Town's public records, please address your request to the RAO.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Emergency Phone: 911
  • Police Business Telephone: 413-528-2160
  • Fire Department Business Telephone: 413-528-1625