Fire Department

Fire Department Fire Truck 1

Volunteers Needed

The Fire Department is always looking for Volunteer Firefighters! Find out more about applying here. Please email the Fire Chief if you are interested.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspections

Inspections required by 527 CMR - Board of Fire Prevention Regulations and certificates issued thereunder will now incur a fee of $50 per visit; if the Fire Chief needs to reinspect after a first appointment, another fee will be charged.

Power Outage

It is important to note that National Grid may not be aware of your situation during a power outage. Please make sure they know of your power loss by calling them at 800-322-3223. Also, please contact the Egremont Police Department, so they know about possible downed power lines, etc. Reach the Police at 413-528-2160.

Alert System

Update your contact information for the Town's emergency alert system via email.

Interactive Map of Egremont

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