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  • Juliette Haas, Alternate & Director
  • Ellen Maggio
  • Charles Ogden, Chairman
  • Dr. William Rose

Board of Health Hours:

Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to Noon

Information on COVID from the Egremont Board of Health:

The U.S., like other countries, is experiencing a new wave of COVID-19 cases caused by the Omicron sub-variant B.5 (and to some extent B.4). Cases, and hospitalizations, are increasing across the country, including Massachusetts. The Egremont BOH wants to remind you that treatments for COVID-19 now exist but must be taken early in the disease course to be most effective. Oral antivirals and injectable monoclonal antibody treatments are available, and the appropriate therapy depends on your age and health risk factors. If you test positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms compatible with the illness, check with your primary care provider or go to the links below to obtain appropriate treatment. Most commonly, older adults (>65y of age) and those with health risk factors will be treated early in the course of the disease (within five days of the beginning of symptoms) with Paxlovid, an oral therapy available by prescription at most pharmacies. Remember, the earlier you begin treatment, the more effective the medication will be.

Other Need-To-Know About COVID

The Egremont Town Hall is open to the general public. The mail and locked drop boxes remain outside both doors of the town hall, and the table remains in the vestibule.

Board and committee meetings are held entirely via Zoom or by partial or full-member in-person meetings. Public attendance is by Zoom only.

Egremont Free Library is temporarily located at Town Hall and is doing curbside pickup and dropoff there. You may contact Lesliann at 413-528-1474, ext. 15 or by email to request book(s). Please visit the Library Page for more information.

 Refuse and Recycling Collection Regulations

View (PDF) the updated refuse and recycling collection regulations from the Board of Health

Recycling Reminders From the Sustainability Coordinator:

Judging from the amount of material in the two recycling containers and the community compost bins at the Transfer Station, our community is doing an excellent job of recycling and composting. Remember, when we compost our kitchen scraps and recycle our bottles, cans, and paper, we are reducing waste sent to landfills or incineration and saving the town money on trash-related costs. It's a win-win situation that everyone can feel good about.

Earth MachineI am happy to announce a terrific incentive to get even more of our residents interested in composting. The town now offers for purchase Earth Machine® backyard composting bins at the reduced price of $25 each (regular retail price is $110).

The 80-gallon Earth Machine® is a durable backyard compost bin, made from recycled plastic, and designed to compost food and yard waste. When we compost kitchen waste like coffee grounds, eggshells, and fruit and vegetable peels, we can divert as much as 40% of our trash from the waste stream. Composting is super easy, and the finished product is a great, nutrient-rich additive for your garden.

If you take your kitchen scraps to the Transfer Station and dump the material in our community compost bins, please continue to do so. If you would like to purchase a compost bin from the town for backyard composting at the reduced price of $25, please contact me by email and we can arrange for a pick-up.

Thank you for your recycling efforts over the past year.

Well Regulations

View (PDF) the well regulations from the Board of Health

Tobacco Regulations

View (PDF) the tobacco regulations from the Board of Health.